Testimonials - PORSCHE 993
2007-03-10 12:08:53

I own a '95 Porsche 993 C4.  When my stock exhaust corroded away, I replaced it with your product.  I've been extremely pleased with the performance and sound.  I never wanted one of those boy-racer mufflers.  I'm past that stage in life.  Your product went on in less than 30 minutes and has been exceptional in every way.  I rarely use the radio anymore; I prefer to listen to my engine in no small part due to your engineering.  I've had numerous mechanics come up to me and ask what I did to the engine.  I always tell them about Mille Miglia.

I invented and have been producing the MagBra (www.magbra.com) for a number of years now.  While my real business, Apogee, (www.apogeedesigns.com) pays the bills, MagBras are the result of making something to satisfy my personal need for a better auto bra.  I just happen to own the means of production so it was easy for me to begin manufacturing.  Because I have 5 axis robots, a laser, formers, machining centers, etc., I appreciate a well made product and your muffler is very well made.

I just took an order from a man in California and waxed prolific about your exhaust system during our conversation because he has a 993.  Since I'm constantly recommending your product, may I link to your firm on my site?  Just a logo and a sentence about the product (feel free to send something).  This isn't about money and I don't care if you reciprocate the link.  I made the MagBra for myself and I bought a Mille Miglia for myself.  I have absolutely no problem recommending you to my customers because you offer value without flash.

My wife just doesn't get why I can just sit and listen to 'an engine'.  I don't get why she needs more than four pairs of shoes.

Link or not, thanks for the exhaust,


Robert W. Flesher  President

MagBra, Ltd.   Damage Protection Products for Porsche

101 South Kane Street * Baltimore, MD  21224 * 410-633-6336 x11

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