Testimonials - FERRARI 328GTS
2007-03-10 12:05:59
The exhaust notes, which the Mille Miglia muffler produces for my Ferrari, is amazing and gives me an entirely new and exciting driving experience.

The Mille Miglia muffler amplifies the unique high-performance sound of the Ferrari engine by accentuating the Ferrari engine’s higher exhaust notes, which is the sound that I prefer. In the cockpit, the Mille Miglia muffler directs the engine sound to the rear and out of the cockpit, which is nicer on the ears – no droning sound in the cockpit -- unlike other after-market mufflers.

At idle, the Mille Miglia muffler produces a mellow tone that sounds like something wonderful is about to happen. The muffler comes to life when I put load on the engine by up-shifting and down-shifting through the gate.  The sound is amazing, primal, insane, and aggressive, without being obnoxious – it literally creates musical exhaust notes, pleasing to my ears, by producing an F-1 shrill and howl, which can be heard from distances.

Many after-market mufflers talk about the HP and torque gains, but so few really deliver in these areas – the Mille Miglia muffler delivers a noticeable kick in my pants by way of torque and speed – I was truly amazed by the added power I feel each time I take my Ferrari out to stretch her legs on the freeway and throughout the streets of San Francisco.

Not only does the Mille Miglia muffler enhance the sound and performance of my Ferrari, but it is visually pleasing to my eyes.  Like my Ferrari, the Mille Milgia is a work of art – it is crafted out of high grade and high quality heavy gauge stainless steel with mandrel bends that enhances the beauty of my Ferrari – the Mille Miglia muffler looks like it belongs as part of the Ferrari and Pinninfarina designs.

I am also pleased that the Mille Miglia muffler is backed with a 10-year sound guarantee; I don’t recall any other company providing a sound guarantee, which is a testament that the company is confident that the end-user will be pleased with their product.

One of the most important things I look for in purchasing a product, is the company’s customer service.  When my mechanic placed my order with Mille Miglia, I called the  Mille Miglia representative to get information, and he returned my calls promptly and told me, “Alfonso, if you are not happy with the sound, then return it, and we will work with you to adjust the muffler so that it produces the sound you want.”

Mille Miglia:  thanks for the wonderful product and service – I am an extremely happy customer, I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future for all my Ferrari exhaust needs!


Alfonso Faustino  USA

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