Testimonials - Maserati 3200 (2008-09-10 10:38:49)

I love the Mille Miglia Exhaust. definately an alternative to the all too popular Tubi. It turns heads Everywhere i go!..

Testimonials - PORSCHE 993 (2007-03-10 12:08:53)


I own a '95 Porsche 993 C4.  When my stock exhaust corroded away, I replaced it with your product.  I've been extremely pleased with the performance and sound. ..

Testimonials - PORSCHE 996 (2007-03-10 12:06:46)

I can thoroughly recommend the Mille Miglia exhaust to any Porsche owner. The deeper exhaust note virtually unnoticeable when driving around town but as soon as you open the throttle – watch out..

Testimonials - FERRARI 328GTS (2007-03-10 12:05:59)

The exhaust notes, which the Mille Miglia muffler produces for my Ferrari, is amazing and gives me an entirely new and exciting driving experience.

The Mille Miglia muffler amplifies th..

BMW M6 Mille Miglia Performance Exhaust (2006-12-13 07:36:00)

The MILLE MIGLIA BMW M6 (V10) performance exhaust has just been relaesed.
Identical in construction to the M5, the MILLE MIGLIA M6 exhaust offers the same phenominal performance and sound.

BMW M5 Mille Miglia Performance Exhaust (2006-12-13 07:33:58)

The MILLE MIGLIA BMW M5 performance exhaust is now available. The performance and sound from the Mille Miglia system is truley phenominal (for a sound preview, please click on BMW gallery on the Mille..

Ferrari F430 Mille Miglia exhaust (2006-12-13 07:33:21)

After countless hours of intesive testing MILLE MIGLIA is proud to offer a high performance exhaust fot the F430 and F430 Challange. With an F1 inspired sound coupled with the MILLE MIGLIA signature..

News Module Released (2006-11-10 07:55:35)

MilleMiglia is now having a news module for new product releases!..